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Episode 101: Mr Hart, whatta mess!

Bathing in the afterglow of the 100th episode, we explore the task of masking off a playfield with frisket and how the devil is in the detail. We then have a big chat about digital pinball including Paragon, tuning changes for mobile, the high production values of the Dialled In trailer, and Black Knight emulation. Then it’s time for some movie and off topic discussion to round out the end. We still have a Steam Key dangling in the wind for the first person to email the show with the date the first BlahCade episode was released (as announced by Chris in Episode 100).

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  • Crunchy Granola People - 1:00

  • Firepower Frisket Masking Update - 3:20

  • Pro Hart and Inappropriate Racial Stereotypes - 11:45

  • Dialled In Trailer - 15:20

  • Paragon and Tuning Changes on Mobile - 20:25

  • WIPEOUT by Gottlieb Premiere - 25:10

  • Black Knight Emulation Preview - 35:18

  • Compare old BK with new BK - 38:50

  • Promethius - 40:50

  • LifeHacks to get what you need from Customer Service - 50:49

  • Twin Peaks - 60:45

  • Free Steam Keys - 67:03

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