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Episode 102: Trololo

After a history lesson about a melodic meme we get stuck into some tuning talk. Then prompted by a thread on the Pinball Arcade Fans forum, we discuss the logistics of wrapping up legacy platforms. We get the regular update about Firepower, where Chris gets frisky with frisket. Finally we close out the show with talk about the Top 100 tables thread and how there are so few tables left to go until that milestone is reached (great work FarSight!).

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  • Crunchy Granola People - 1:00

  • Trololo - 1:00

  • Terminator 2 Tuning and Cameras - 7:10

  • Terminator 2 sticky skill shot stand-ups - 9:40

  • Cirqus Voltaire collision issue - 10:30

  • Legacy Platforms - 13:25

  • How could you measure legacy platform sunsetting impact? - 24:10

  • Project Update: Frisket, masking and painting - 29:25

  • Top 100 TPA tables - 43:45

  • Paragon and The Pinball Museum alliance - 46:30

  • Y U NO FREE GAMES - 51:20

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