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Episode 103: Focus!

Have you ever played a Woodrail pinball and wondered why anyone in the day wanted to? Chris talks about his experience playing two older EMs and how gameplay has changed (for the better) over the years. We then discuss how your memory of playing a pinball table fades, and clouds your judgement about how it should play now. Have you ever wanted to DIY your own pinball machine? A new Kickstarter could help you realise this dream. We close out the show with our trademarked tangents.

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  • Spiders - 2:10

  • Woodrails are the Devil - 7:38

  • Remembering how pins play as your memory fades - 24:40

  • Makerball DIY Pinball

  • You had one job…​ - 36:28

  • El Capitan Free Climbing - 39:38

  • 10 Shirts for $50 from - 44:28

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