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Episode 110: Universal Soccer

A lot has happened since the last episode. Both with pinball and with co-host lyfe! We go into detail about the recent Farsight and Zen Studios releases. Plenty of stuff to talk about so get listening and let us know what you think about the new Zen offerings.

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  • 01:50 - Hospital Visit

  • 04:55 - FarSight Releases World "Championship" Soccer ('94)

  • 10:55 - Chris Plays Black Knight

  • 12:55 - Paragon is the next table

  • 14:00 - Universal Classics Pinball pack from Zen Studios

  • 18:00 - Pinball FX3 Cross-platform Plays

  • 20:55 - Tables not included in Pinball FX3

  • 24:00 - FarSight and South Park Studios Inside Baseball

  • 27:25 - Table Pack Names in Pinball FX3

  • 30:05 - Bonus: GOTG2 Blu Ray Challenge

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