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Episode 113: Save The Pinball For Last

We’re back after a bit of a break with some news from Zen and Farsight. We also have a lengthy discussion about movies and other junk before getting into the pinball news, so feel free to skip right past all that. There is info about a new Kickstarter from FarSight and Trick Gaming Studios for a new 2D pinball adventure. When we recorded this episode, it was early days for the game and Kickstarter. Since recording, Trick Gaming Studios have fixed a lot of the issues with IAP in the game, so definitely check it out.

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  • 00:50 - Movies and stuff

  • 17.05 - Ground Control and Star Wars

  • 20:25 - Dialled In

  • 23:06 - Zen Pinball and Back to the Future

  • 28:52 - How are pinballs actually made? Youtube Video

  • 31:08 - Pinball Invaders Space Warfare Kickstarter

  • 36:54 - Pinball Cadet is ONE level of the overall Pinball Invaders title

  • 39:26 - IAP model isn’t the best, but has thankfully been fixed since this recording

  • 41:00 - Unlocks for Pinball Cadet if you back the Kickstarter tiers

  • 45:00 - Pinball Invaders seems to be based around IAP as well.

  • 52:16 - What audience is Pinball Cadet pitched at?

  • 54:04 - Fathom is poised for release

  • 56:18 - Costco Wedding

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