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Episode 114: FX Knee

Sven joins Chris to talk about his experiences with Zen Pinball FX3 because Jared does not have any hardware capable of playing the game (until features make their way into Android). Chris also talks about his mishap involving a step and his knee (ouch)! We cover off some other releases from FarSight and reveal a new Fidget device that Chris is salivating over.

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  • 00:50 - Where’s Jared

  • 05:00 - Arrow to the knee

  • 13:00 - Zen Pinball FX3 deep dive

  • 36:55 - Universal table follow-up thoughts

  • 47:25 - "Shutyertrap" Zen Pinball FX3 Tourney

  • 52:00 - Fathom release on Pinball Arcade

  • 56:10 - Fidget Cube Spinner

  • 62:00 - New Logo Design

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