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Episode 115: Fifteen Trabillion Megadoodles

Jared is back on the internets again this episode. We have a large movies chat up-front, so skip through to about 15 minutes if that stuff bores you. Then it’s all about pinbal. We talk about Zen personal tournaments, and announce the next one that BlahCade will be running. Then we get into the interesting topic of a modern Stern game being included in the mothership TPA app. Jared also talks about an interesting side hustle he’s got going on.

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  • 01:10 - BladeRunner and Movies

  • 15:40 - Zen Personal Tournament

  • 25:15 - Match-up Benefits

  • 31:25 - Nintendo Switch gets SPA DX11

  • 33:50 - Ghostbusters in TPA? Yep!

  • 45:10 - Jersey Jack Pinball and POTC

  • 51:15 - Jared has a pinball (for now)

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