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Episode 117: Groot Vomit Mech

There’s a mixture of stuff on the show as usual. You’ll get talk about Ghostbusters, some interesting CPU performance stats between Zen and TPA, and some news about Pinball Cadet from Trick Gaming Studios.

  • 01:04 - Big Data, Big Heart Hackathon

  • 02:47 - The dangers of Series Binging

  • 05:54 - BlahCade Zen Tournament

  • 11:30 - Frustrating Ghostbusters on Steam

  • 14:13 - CPU Usage between Pinball FX 3 and Pinball Arcade

  • 27:00 - What is driving play on PFX3 vs Pinball Arcade

  • 32:4O - Pinball Cadet

  • 38:52 - Guardians of the Galaxy from Stern

  • 48:28 - Cowboy Bebop and temp tracks

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