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Episode 119: Gaps in Storage

After two false-starts, we get right into the swing of the podcast with a decent amount of stuff. There’s the usual talk around this time of month about Pinball Arcade’s table release and next game clue. Then we enter speculation mode about whether Farsight will do another Bugfixapalooza at the end of this season. Jared also has a golden opportunity for folks with too many pinballs wanting a safe place to store them.

  • 02:30 - Zen Pinball FX3 Testimonial

  • 07:15 - New to digital pinball? Which do you choose?

  • 12:20 - EM pack: Spanish Eyes and Wild Card

  • 19:50 - Lighting tuning in TPA

  • 25:00 - Newsletter Clue

  • 27:20 - Will there be another Bug Fix gap month?

  • 29:15 - New BlahCade Zen tournament

  • 33:40 - No more pinball machine at Jared’s place

  • 36:06 - Storage opportunity at Jared’s place

  • 38:56 - Pinballs at Ladbrokes?

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