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Episode 121: Switch It Up With Site Visits

This show is full of pinball, with a bit of movie industry chatter towards the end that could spell interesting shenanigans for the pinball landscape. We come through with our promise to visit our respective new pinball locations and talk at length about Guardians of the Galaxy as a result.

  • 06:30 - Zen Tournament on Star Wars: Droids

  • 15:35 - Zen and FarSight on Nintendo Switch

  • 23:32 - Secret news from Farsight…​

  • 25:22 - Pincadia and Lost Levels site visits

  • 48:15 - Attack from Mars Remake

  • 52:20 - Not pinball: 20th Century Fox up for sale

    • 58:40 - Disney in control of The Simpsons? It’s possible!

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