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  1. Episode 101: Mr Hart, whatta mess!

    Bathing in the afterglow of the 100th episode, we explore the task of masking off a playfield with frisket and how the devil is in the detail. We then have a big chat about digital pinball including Paragon, tuning changes for mobile, the high production values of the Dialled In…

    farsight, ebd, clear-coating

  2. Episode 99: A Mother of Days

    One episode away from the big one! The 100th episode! Jared recounts what was a pretty dodgy Mother’s Day, and then we shake it off and get into pinball. We discuss the lineup Jared was looking forward to at Netherworld for the Brisbane Pinball Club May meet. Then…

    farsight, ebd, clear-coating

  3. Episode 98: Clear the Field

    Two episodes away from the 100th episode! The first half covers the scant news available at the moment for digital pinball releases. This eases us all into the second half with the now inevitable chat about Chris' pinballs. It’s all about clear-coating this time around as he gets…

    farsight, ebd, firepower, clear-coating

  4. Episode 97: Implausibility Goggles to Max

    As we work towards our 100th episode, we break the episode into real pinball, and digital pinball. Chris decided to rip the guts out of his Firepower and make the first baby steps to clear-coating. Then we talk about the FarSight Month of BugFixes changelog (it’s frickin huuuuuge)…

    farsight, ebd, leaderboards

  5. Episode 96: Bugs, Scores and leaderboards

    We start the show by swapping tourney stories, including a bit of bush field repair on a Twilight Zone by Jared. Then we lead into a big chat about FarSight’s "Month of Bugfixes" and revisit the Leaderboard reset we talked about in the last episode. A Chris' Adventures…

    farsight, ebd, leaderboards, zaccaria

  6. Episode 95: King of Pin

    This episode turned out to be broken down into three distinct segments. In typical BlahCade style, it wasn’t planned like that. ;) Join us for talk about some of Chris' Eight Ball Deluxe ideas. Listen to the case for resetting the FarSight TPA leaderboards. Then round out the show…

    farsight, netherworld, ebd, leaderboards

  7. Episode 94: Bit Rot and Bug Fixes

    It’s another very tech-focused show again as Chris details the latest happenings in Eight Ball Deluxe ownership. We also help align your expectations about what to expect in FarSight’s Bug Bash 2017^. There are some whisperings of good things to come from Zen as well, but…

    farsight, ebd, zen, bugs, repairs

  8. Episode 67: Harry Nutter and the Call-in Collector

    With heckling from Andrea Friebus, we bring you the latest installment of BlahCade madness you’ve come to expect. We talk about the Newsletter Clue and Big Hurt thoughts. We also take a call from Andrew who has a pretty sweet collection he showed us (on blab), and shared…

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