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  1. Episode 109: Work Work

    It’s an off-week in pinball news so we delve into a bit of sneaky location pinball talk first. Because we work in different industries, it’s interesting to see what we each feel comfortable with in our day jobs. Perhaps you can relate to what we’…

    netherworld, career

  2. Episode 104: Dessert Fries Blah

    With the lack of any digital pinball news this week, we honour the "blah" in the show title and go off the playfield into other topics. We talk about some "retro" games (90’s are retro, right) and how there was a tipping point in the 90’s…

    netherworld, zen, stern, e3, diabetes

  3. Episode 95: King of Pin

    This episode turned out to be broken down into three distinct segments. In typical BlahCade style, it wasn’t planned like that. ;) Join us for talk about some of Chris' Eight Ball Deluxe ideas. Listen to the case for resetting the FarSight TPA leaderboards. Then round out the show…

    farsight, netherworld, ebd, leaderboards

  4. Episode 93: Circuits and Gaps

    This episode centers around a lot of techy IRL pinball talk. We talk mostly about a Bally Power Module board that is showing it’s age. Then we move into the digital realm with the latest FarSight news. Play on ShoutEngine Subscribe on iTunes Support the Show You can…

    farsight, netherworld, lionman, paragon, embryon

  5. Episode 92: Here Cum Da Guards

    This episode centers around the excellent Swords of Fury release in beta at the moment, and much hilarity ensues with certain aspects of that game. You’ll also get an update about Chris' recent pinball acquisition: Eight Ball Deluxe. Even Firepower gets some love in this IRL Pinball love-in.…

    farsight, netherworld, lionman, ants

  6. Episode 91: Chalk up, Lion Man

    A short(er) one this week. We cover the fact Williams tables might be coming back into TPA with Swords of Fury being announced as the next table. There’s speculation about the next Stern Pinball Arcade table, and a bit of other news about Arcooda. Netherworld gets another…

    farsight, netherworld, stern, challenges

  7. Episode 90: It's like Cactus Jacks 2, with Pool

    Play on ShoutEngine Subscribe on iTunes We go long this episode and cram in a diverse range of topics. Everything from the latest releases and betas from FarSight, to how to keep your spouse happy about your pinball addiction. Netherworld Arcade in Brisbane gets an extensive review as well. Go…

    farsight, netherworld, bpc, stern