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  1. Episode 102: Trololo

    After a history lesson about a melodic meme we get stuck into some tuning talk. Then prompted by a thread on the Pinball Arcade Fans forum, we discuss the logistics of wrapping up legacy platforms. We get the regular update about Firepower, where Chris gets frisky with frisket. Finally we…

    farsight, firepower, frisket, t2, paragon, cirqus, tuning

  2. Episode 101: Mr Hart, whatta mess!

    Bathing in the afterglow of the 100th episode, we explore the task of masking off a playfield with frisket and how the devil is in the detail. We then have a big chat about digital pinball including Paragon, tuning changes for mobile, the high production values of the Dialled In…

    farsight, firepower, clear-coating, frisket, paragon, tuning

  3. Episode 93: Circuits and Gaps

    This episode centers around a lot of techy IRL pinball talk. We talk mostly about a Bally Power Module board that is showing it’s age. Then we move into the digital realm with the latest FarSight news. Play on ShoutEngine Subscribe on iTunes Support the Show You can…

    farsight, netherworld, lionman, paragon, embryon