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  1. Episode 108: Portland Pinball Places

    This episode is basically one big Portland Pinball trip report. And there’s nothing wrong with that because Portland has probably the best pinball scene in the US. Chris talks about two venues where he spend a lot of time, but not a lot of quarters. We also touch…

    farsight, portland, pinball, star wars, firepower 2

  2. Episode 88: Arcooda Been a Pinball Wizard (ShoutEngine) (iTunes) This episode is all about Arcooda. We delve deep into the news that has been released about the platform so far, and get speculating like we do best. Let us know what you…

    farsight, arcooda, pinball, arcade, timeshock, cabinet

  3. Episode 72: The Money Shot

    Have you joined us in playing a bit of #blahzen Zen Pinball Score Chase? If you haven’t we talk about how much fun it was and how we found ways of getting good scores against each other. As digital pinball and real pinball fans, we’re puzzled…

    zen, blahzen, vr, pinball, owners, star_wars

  4. Episode 47: Tourney and Three Dee Backroom

    It’s BackRoom time! Jared talks about his time in the Australian Pinball Championships (that he incorrectly refers to as Australian Pinball Open). We also talk about new tourney options, and have a frank discussion about a wide range of 3D TV and Movie talking points. Perhaps you have…

    TotM, 3D, pinball