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  1. Episode 78: Rethemes and Cross-promotions (Shout Engine) (iTunes) This DLC contains the following: updates to Halloween 2016 released last month. updated discounts and sales on digital pinball. adds discussion about Movies and 3D reviews. adds i…

    zen, movies, pinout

  2. Episode 74: Antisocial Arachnids and Full Service Servos

    It’s a DLC pack of Dr Who and Powerful Women, with a bone busting commentary on the next FarSight table. There is an extended backroom for you this week, where we honour the Snacks in our tagline. Enjoy BlahCade responsibly. Make good choices. Links Stream/Download/RSS iTunes…

    zen, dr_who, backroom

  3. Episode 73: Marvel at Timelords

    We’re back with your prescription for digital pinball discussion. In the front sections, we talk about the new tables (Dr Who and Marvel: Women of Power) from FarSight and Zen Studios, which both should release shortly after this podcast drops. In the back section, Chris talks about his…

    zen, farsight, dr_who, marvel, blahzen, backroom

  4. Episode 72: The Money Shot

    Have you joined us in playing a bit of #blahzen Zen Pinball Score Chase? If you haven’t we talk about how much fun it was and how we found ways of getting good scores against each other. As digital pinball and real pinball fans, we’re puzzled…

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