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  1. Episode 69: Tech Talk, Bugs, and Features

    It’s a huge show this week, again: Tech Talk topics Eight Ball Deluxe Bugs and Release Dr Who Updates Goal Saves Enhancement Request Blab is no more. We will announce what we’re going with for recording in the next few podcasts. Links Stream/Download/RSS iTunes…

    on EBD, AMA, Bugs, Features, Physics, Who

  2. Episode 68: Blab is Dead. Long live Blab.

    It’s a huge show this week, after we took a break for a week: Tourney chat Cirqus Voltaire LED DMD release thoughts Playing games with headphones for better scores Other things. We found out after recording this episode that our favourite recording service has been turned off. Blab…

    on tourney, colordmd, H2H, BPC

  3. Episode 67: Harry Nutter and the Call-in Collector

    With heckling from Andrea Friebus, we bring you the latest installment of BlahCade madness you’ve come to expect. We talk about the Newsletter Clue and Big Hurt thoughts. We also take a call from Andrew who has a pretty sweet collection he showed us (on blab), and shared…

    on gottlieb, premier, ebd, call-in, h2h

  4. Episode 66: No Good Gottliebs (Premier)

    Prepare for a mixed bag of content in this episode: We cover the July Brisbane Pinball Club tournament on request from our listeners. We have our regular chat about tables that need a tuning pass. We hypothesise about the upcoming Season, and try to work out if it will be…

    on tourney, lootcrate, mascot, BPC, MLP

  5. Episode 65: Influencing the Back End of the Field

    Based on some quips Don and Jeff made on their recent The Pinball Podcast, Chris and I felt we should clarify just how "influential" we really are with Farsight. Chris also talks about his attack from the rear approach with the Steam-only Major League Pinball tourney that just finished. You&…

    on tourney, lootcrate