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  1. Episode 72: The Money Shot

    Have you joined us in playing a bit of #blahzen Zen Pinball Score Chase? If you haven’t we talk about how much fun it was and how we found ways of getting good scores against each other. As digital pinball and real pinball fans, we’re puzzled…

    on zen, blahzen, vr, pinball, owners, star_wars

  2. Episode 71: Things That Make You Go Hummm

    In this episode: Zen Pinball score chase Zen Star Wars designer discussion Sven join us for post-discussion banter Flipper hum and sound bugs Chris' Movie Challenge Not as long as the previous episode (not a bad thing), so get on it and enjoy. Links Stream/Download/RSS iTunes Try LootCrate…

    on EM, Zen, Tourney, Star_Wars, blahzen

  3. Episode 70: Questions Answered (Sort Of)

    Strap one on and plunge into this 75 minute installment of BlahCade. This time, our forum friend Xanija joins us in the wee hours of the night his time to chat. If you don’t keep up with the forum static, we make an audiobook version of the Questions…

    on AMA, Bugs, Features, Physics, Who, Tourney

  4. Episode 69: Tech Talk, Bugs, and Features

    It’s a huge show this week, again: Tech Talk topics Eight Ball Deluxe Bugs and Release Dr Who Updates Goal Saves Enhancement Request Blab is no more. We will announce what we’re going with for recording in the next few podcasts. Links Stream/Download/RSS iTunes…

    on EBD, AMA, Bugs, Features, Physics, Who

  5. Episode 68: Blab is Dead. Long live Blab.

    It’s a huge show this week, after we took a break for a week: Tourney chat Cirqus Voltaire LED DMD release thoughts Playing games with headphones for better scores Other things. We found out after recording this episode that our favourite recording service has been turned off. Blab…

    on tourney, colordmd, H2H, BPC